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Unexpected Gifts - and a Decide Happy Gift for You!

Updated: Mar 23

Those of you know me and my heart, or who have read Decide Happy, know all about the Year That Shall Not Be Named. The Year that turned my world upside down, pulled the rug out from underneath life as I knew it, and challenged me to figure out a way to stay standing.

Have you ever experienced a time like that?

We can’t always control the events in life. But we always have a choice about our response to life’s events. When life hits us with an MTST (Most Terrible and Stressful Thing), we have an important choice to make: 

1. We can feel the weight of our MTST like an anchor around our neck, dragging us down, making us bitter and angry and small.


2. We can use our MTST as rocket fuel to propel us forward. We can look for the graces, the lessons, those people who come along like angels when we most need them at the most unexpected times.

I would not wish that Year That Shall Not Be Named on anyone. And I certainly don’t want to go through it again.

But I am so grateful for who I’ve become because of it.

I am humbled and thankful for the astonishing trajectory my life has taken because of That Year. How is it that my MTST could come with so many unexpected gifts? 

  • The gift of being able to write and share Decide Happy with you

  •  The gift of Purpose- and an unstoppable determination to help others going through their own journey in life, with less stress. And more joy.

  • The gift of all of the fabulous people like you whom I’ve met, or reconnected with, along the way.

I wouldn’t be where I am now, sharing these tools and inspiration with you, if that MTST

hadn’t shown me another path, other possibilities for my life.

In short, I wouldn’t be here, if I hadn’t been there.

What has been your biggest rock?

Could there be a gift in your MTST (Most Terrible and Stressful Thing?)

What has your MTST brought into your life that you are grateful for?

Writing and recording Decide Happy was a new challenge for me, albeit a joyful one. It took time and heart and a lot of work. So now, my friends, I am humbled and honored, and just so freakin’ over the top excited to share this news with you first - the audio version of Decide Happy was just released!

In the audiobook, I share the best, and the worst, of my story, along with practical tools and “battle-tested” lessons learned - in my own voice. My hope is that by sharing them, I can help make life’s journey a little more joyful for you and your loved ones.

Decide Happy is now available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes

( And yes, I am pinching myself right now!)

And I want everyone to have access to less stress, more joy.

So...the e-Book of Decide Happy is available on Amazon for $2.99 this Sunday and Monday (March 24 & 25) ONLY.

Do you ever need a reminder to Decide Happy? 

Or, some new ideas and inspiration for how to DO what you KNOW to navigate challenging times? Or practical tools to step up and tap into your best? 

Or perhaps you know someone who could use a lift? 

 Please share this gift with Your People.  

If they’re important to you, then they are important to me.

Interested in gifting Your People, team members, colleagues, neighbors, family and friends with a $2.99 ebook?

It’s super easy! Click here for instructions.

Want to support me and share the Happiness?

It would be hugely helpful if you buy the book, audio book or ebook during this special 2-day sale. The way Amazon’s algorithms work is based on the number of orders within 1 or 2 days. (Who knew?)

I’m shooting for the stars and going for Amazon best seller!!

It’s a long shot but, hey, I survived a one in a million cancer, so why not at least try?!


Here is a little sneak audio/video peek just for you!

You can also hear me read the first five minutes of Chapter 1 on Amazon/Audible here.

Thank you for your support and your unending encouragement. You lift me up.

I'm SO excited to share this with you! Woohoo!!!!

With so much love,


PS. Note on Amazon/Audible

If you want to shop on Amazon for the audio book, click here, then click on Audible.

You can either sign up for a free trial of Audible or scroll waaaaay down and click “Buy with one click.”

Double Woohoo!!!

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