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Susan Hall shares practical skills to keep your thoughts strong, positive and calm - no matter what’s going on around you.

"Relatable Stories and Tangible Tools
that everyone can use to
live a happier and more fulfilling life.”

— Chris Malone, former CMO, Choice Hotels International

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Decide Happy workshop and keynote topics include:

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Staying Strong, Positive and Calm in a Crazy World

  • Shift your focus from Gray to Grace in an instant

  • Make progress and avoid the feeling of overwhelm by learning a simple tool to stack up more joy every day

  • Clear the Clutter to manage stress, regain a sense of calm and “ I got this!” no matter what’s going on around you

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Calm is a Super-Power

  • Maintain an inner strength and state of presence and well-being

  • Cultivate a sense of gratitude and “I got this,” no matter what life throws at you

  • Manage stress and overwhelm. Learn tools to more easily tackle the Big Rocks first

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Channel Your Inner Rock Star

  • Silence that Inner Critic that stifles your dreams and robs your confidence

  • How to shore up your weaknesses, but obsess over your strengths 

  • Learn a Power tool to gain “sonic-speed” momentum on achieving your goals

  • Increase confidence, reduce stress, and tap into more courage and joy every day 

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Finding the Grace in the Gray: Dealing with the emotional impact of a health scare

  • Use practical tools and tips for managing stress and “scan-xiety” 

  • Learn the one question that changes limitations and fear to possibilities and strength

  • Turn the volume down on that scary soundtrack looping  in your head

  • Cultivate a sense of calm and gratitude at any moment 

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With a passion for sharing “Practical Tools for Busy People,” Susan offers a straightforward approach to building mental strength and resilience. She has taught thousands of people around the world how simple actions can increase engagement, fulfillment, and productivity.

Susan brings each audience battle-tested tools and heart-felt stories that allow each and every person to see new possibilities and take action to make their lives extraordinary.



In a single year, Susan was diagnosed with an exceptionally rare form of bone cancer, and that was just the beginning. That year, Susan experienced several, life-altering events that rocked her world and relentlessly tested every emotional muscle she had.


In that year, she experienced the greatest fear, pain and sorrow of her entire life. Yet in that same year, she found moments of joy, love and profound kindness from unexpected people. From that year of challenges, Susan learned how to to choose happiness, despite the pain.

Happiness is a never ending decision and Susan is on a mission to  share practical skills with others that help them make that choice each and every day.


“Susan’s talk was inspirational and practical- full of tools and a lot of heart.”
— Zach Martin
President, BTR Inc.


“There is a lot of information out there on happiness and stress- management, but I haven’t seen anything that brings it all together it like Susan does with Decide Happy.”
— Eddie Bergman
CEO, Proxima Hospitality Group


“Susan was an exceptional part of our conference. Her story is moving, and her practical advice about cultivating joy in your life inspired us all.”
— Shannon Lozinsky

Director of Patient Services,
Chordoma Foundation

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Real People. Real Tools. Real Life.

Decide Happy is not about being blindly optimistic. Susan provides real skills to help navigate real life. She uses deeply personal stories to share lessons-learned with humor and inspiration

What amazing things will happen if your team Decides Happy? 
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