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What you need to know to bring
Susan Hall to your audience. 

I am so pleased you’re considering working with me!

I’ve included answers to some common questions here, but if you need additional information, please don’t hesitate to reach out

  • What’s Decide Happy about?
    The tools in Decide Happy help you build emotional muscle so that you can manage stress, tap into more joy, and magnify your own unique fabulousness every day.
  • How can Susan Hall and Decide Happy help my organization?
    With over two decades of expertise in the corporate training and consulting industry, I help companies and their people thrive by developing their mindset and ability to get better results. I’ve worked with over a hundred organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500, to create a more engaged and productive work culture. My areas of expertise include: Leadership Consultative sales and sales leadership Employee engagement and well-being With the heightened pace of change and stress in our post-pandemic world, your team will learn “battle tested,” practical tools to increase engagement, fulfillment, and productivity - and build a culture that inspires others to step up and contribute their best.
  • What’s different about Decide Happy?
    I believe in providing “Practical Tools for Busy People.” Decide Happy takes a practical “How To” approach to building mental strength and resilience. I’ve built my training and consulting career on helping people and companies take simple, consistent actions to get measurable and quantifiable results. I apply my experience with adult learning and behavior change to all sessions. The result? There is nothing theoretical or “fuzzy” about the approach. My goal is to provide an entertaining, interactive and engaging session that not only leaves your team inspired to take action, but gives them tools to make a difference immediately. As in “Right here. Right now.” They will learn and use these tools and skills right then in the session to manage stress and tap into more joy. And they will have so much fun and enjoy the process!
  • What kinds of topics does Susan and Decide Happy address?
    Examples of Decide Happy speaking and workshops topics include, but are not limited to: Feeling Positive, Strong and Calm in a Crazy World Shift your focus from Gray to Grace in an instant Make progress and avoid the feeling overwhelm. Learn a simple tool to stack up more joy every day Clear the Clutter to manage stress, regain a sense of calm and “ I got this!” no matter what’s going on around you Calm is a Super-Power Maintain an inner strength and state of presence and well-being Cultivate a sense of gratitude “I got this,” no matter what life throws at you Manage stress and overwhelm. Learn tools to more easily tackle the Big Rocks first Channel Your Inner Rock Star Silence that Inner Critic that stifles your dreams and robs your confidence Shut down imposter syndrome and gain momentum on your goals Shore up your weaknesses, but obsess over your strengths Learn a Power tool to gain “sonic-speed” momentum on achieving your goals Increase confidence, reduce stress, and tap into more courage and joy every day Finding the Grace in the Gray: Dealing with the emotional impact of a health scare Use practical tools and tips or managing stress and “scan-xiety” Learn the one question that changes limitations and fear to possibilities and strength Turn the volume down on that scary soundtrack looping in your head Cultivate a sense of calm and gratitude at any moment
  • What kinds of events does Susan speak at?
    Employee Engagement and Mental Health Initiatives Leadership Retreats and Summits Women’s Conferences Sales Conferences Non-profit and Fundraising Survivor-Thriver conferences and meetings And more!
  • I have a lot riding on choosing the right speaker for our event. How can I be assured our team will be happy with Decide Happy?
    I get it! Having coordinated and facilitated hundreds of events over the years, I know first -hand how many details go into pulling off a successful event. I have built my business through repeat business and referrals. I use the same, proven consultative process with speaking and workshop clients that I use for corporate training to make sure we are spot-on aligned with your goals and objectives so your event is a win!
  • What is the process Susan recommends to assure the speech/workshop is relevant and relatable with our team?
    Oh I’m so glad you asked that! The prep really is the "secret sauce” to a great event. Prior to your event, I’ll want to talk with you and/or a few of your colleagues to clarify your expectations and desired outcomes. Specifically, we'll discuss: What will make this a win for you and your team? What are the demographics of your audience? What are the challenges your team is experiencing? What is going great? What is stressing people out? By understanding your specific situation, I can customize the speech or workshop so that it “sings.” My goal is to conduct a session that’s both fun and interactive, and also relevant and hits home.
  • What are Susan’s speaking and workshop credentials? And my audience is all over the country/world. What is her experience presenting virtually?
    I’ve been facilitating business workshops and presenting to corporations my entire career- over 20 years. I know what it takes to engage an audience, get to the point, and leave them with tangible tools. I love presenting live and in person- and virtually! When 2020 hit, my training company pivoted quickly to facilitate life-changing training virtually. I know the tricks to keep a large (or small) audience engaged, and am experienced in most platforms, including Teams and Zoom. A virtual Decide Happy event is a great way to include and engage your team-members from across the country, and around the world.
  • Is it possible to talk with another client who has hired Decide Happy?
    Yes! Please contact me to let me know a little more about your event. This way, I can put you in touch with a client whose event was similar to provide you with relevant feedback.
  • Can Susan and help us with professional development as well as personal development?
    Absolutely! My purpose is to inspire others to see new possibilities and take action to make their lives extraordinary. This mission crosses the line between professional and personal development. After all, we bring our person to our profession, don’t we? My areas of specialty focus on: Leadership Consultative sales and sales leadership Employee engagement and well-being Click here to see learn more about our professional training and development solutions.
  • How long are the sessions, and how are they conducted?
    Sessions can be conducted virtually or in-person. Speaking engagements are 30-60 minutes in length. 45-50 minutes tends to be the “sweet spot.” Decide Happy interactive workshops run between 1.5 hours to 1 day.
  • How much do Decide Happy workshops or speaking engagements cost?
    Each engagement is unique. Let’s talk about your specific objectives, audience, location and budget. I can quickly turn around a specific proposal of recommendations and pricing quote.
  • Can Susan and Decide Happy help my non-profit?
    Giving makes me happy! Talk with me about how Decide Happy can benefit your awesome cause.
  • We want to give our audience members Decide Happy books or eBooks. How do we go about doing that?
    eBooks are available on Amazon Paper books are also available on Amazon or through me. If you are purchasing books in bulk ( 25+) and want them signed, please let me know and I can make arrangements with you to sign them and have them shipped directly to you. If you provide me with a list of participant names, I will personalize them for your team! Or, if you are having an in-person event, I can personalize your books on- site the day of the event.
  • What else would be good for me to know?
    My goal is to make it easy for you to work with me. Having planned, orchestrated and led hundreds of projects throughout my career, I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons , some of them painful! I take my client’s interest and expectations very seriously and work hard so it’s easy for you to work with me. I make every effort to anticipate and take all the nerves out of planning an event so you can relax and know that your audience will be thrilled!

"There are a lot of details that go into pulling together a company-wide event. Susan went above and beyond to ensure everything went smoothly. She’s professional, knowledgeable and fun to work with."


Deb Wilhelm
Executive Assistant to COO, 
Gannett Flemming


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