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Welcome! I'm so glad you're here.

I’m a performance coach, life-long learner, and optimist who has spent the last two decades helping Fortune 500 companies and thousands of people around the globe learn the mindset and skills they need to get better results -

in their professions and in their lives. 


Think of me as your Happiness Sherpa…  


I’m here to help guide you over the mountain and hand you tools when you need them to navigate the rocky terrain along your life’s journey. I’m also here to help you see a path forward, by getting clearer about your own inner strength, and tapping into your own unique fabulousness every step of the way.  

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With an extensive background in professional training and consulting, Susan has worked with thousands of leaders, sales teams, and other smart, talented people to help them learn and use skills to achieve

more success and fulfillment.


She is also a slightly obsessed animal lover, stopping to pet dogs wherever she goes, and halting traffic to relocate wandering turtles out of harm’s way. She has won numerous awards for her contributions to the business community, and is a multiple winner of the “Placemat-O-Shame” for her propensity to end up with the most food around her plate at family gatherings. Susan is an enthusiastic globe-trotter, artist, former fitness competitor, a city girl who hugs trees. She is an exchange student mom, and still has an avid crush on Tim, her husband of three decades. As a survivor-thriver of an exceptionally rare type of bone cancer, Susan is literally one in a million. She is a self-proclaimed work in progress, and takes her mission far more seriously than she takes herself.  


Susan lives in Baltimore, MD and Delray Beach, Florida with her husband, Tim, and their two dogs- Elsie, a retired racing Greyhound and Gunther, a snaggle-toothed Jack Russell-Corgi mix who really runs the show.

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