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I miss my Mom. So, here's what I'm doing to celebrate Mother's Day this year....

Updated: May 10

For weeks, I’ve seen the harbingers of this Sunday’s holiday popping up like spring daffodils.

  • “Don’t forget Mom!” the posters at my hair salon remind me.

  • “Mother’s Day is May 12” - read the signs above the pots and baskets of brightly-colored flowers at Home Depot.

  • An entire aisle at the grocery store is filled with cards covered in pastel script and flowers - all in honor of Mom.

And that’s as it should be.

It’s been three years now, since my mom died. And I’m still not convinced it’s real. I keep her very close to my heart. And whenever something reminds me of her - a friendly stranger striking up a conversation in the grocery store check out aisle, spring robins on the lawn, bold jewelry, a mother and daughter walking arm in arm, (any) holiday napkins or decor, books stacked up like possibilities on a nightstand, field bouquets of Queen Anne’s lace and Black-eyed Susan’s, a laughter filled room, a splash of art, someone whistling - I stop and feel her presence in my heart.

So, here is what I’m doing to celebrate this Mother’s Day:

I’m celebrating other people’s moms.

  • I’m hugging my neighbors and friends who are moms.

  • I’m calling them and thanking them - for raising thoughtful, kind-hearted children, when the world so desperately needs them.

  • And I’m contributing to one of my mom’s very favorite causes and mine — Women.

Like my mom, women are very much in my heart this past week.

So, I’m sitting at my kitchen table, with my credit card and cup of coffee in hand, pouring over Charity Navigator. (

There are the Big Organizations of course, dedicated to Women’s rights, health, education and safety. But what about the local, home grown organizations that make a difference to the women in our communities?

Local Organizations like:

Turning Point - a domestic shelter in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where my mom lived.

Turning Point is a vitally needed shelter where women and children, survivors of domestic violence, can seek refuge. One year, my mom spearheaded a drive for cosmetics for the women of Turning Point. It seemed like such a small, even superficial, thing. But many of these women flee for their lives, and the lives of their children, with only the clothes on their backs. The shelter’s Director told us stories of the women who broke down in tears when they were given a lipstick, or a fragrant hand cream, or a small vial of softly scented perfume. Small luxuries and graces that I take for granted, that meant so much to these brave women who had been through so much, and had so little.

Or, Global organizations like:

Campaign for Education for Girls-

Who believe that education is not only a fundamental right, but a matter of justice. They are doing amazing work with mentors, teachers and young women to tackle poverty, inequality and injustice through girls’ education and women’s leadership in some of the most desolate world communities.

We rise by lifting others,” Robert Ingersoll, the great 19th century orator, wrote.

How have mothers lifted you up? How has your mom, or maybe someone else's, shaped the person you are today? The person you are capable of becoming?

My mom would have loved how I’m celebrating her this year. Because nothing would have made her happier than knowing I’m remembering her through helping someone else. Well, that, and cake. She liked cake.

Rock on, Moms. You never know the profound ripple effects your love will have on the world.

Thank you.



Know someone - perhaps an awesome Mom- who could use a lift?

This Mother's Day, I'm donating all proceeds from Decide Happy books ordered through May 17, 2024 to Turning Point and SPCA. (Because our dog and cat moms need love too!)

Just send an email to me at and let me know how

many you ordered and I will take a donation in your name!

Decide Happy is available wherever books are sold, including Amazon.

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