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Rise and Shine! Set Your Day Up for Success Before You Even Roll Out of Bed

Updated: Jan 29

I woke up 2 minutes before my alarm was set to go off, to the sound of sleet hitting the windows. Opening my eyes to the still-black morning, my brain immediately started spinning.

Ugh. I didn’t sleep well last night…

Gunther’s going to hate going out to walk in the sleet and snow…and so am I …

I have to get ready for that 7:30 AM video call with my client in London…

And I’m on back to back video calls all day…

And I need to remember to call the attorney about my Dad’s estate…

And pay the property taxes…

And call the plumber to fix the faucet in the kitchen sink...

It was 5:59 AM. I felt overwhelmed and stressed out. And I wasn’t even out of bed yet.

And then it hit me:  “Oh yeah, that’s right. I get to decide how I feel about this day.”

Have you ever felt life stacking up high and heavy

before your day has even begun?

We don't have to wait until the day is over to Decide if it’s been good day. We get the chance to decide at the very beginning of each new day.

Here’s a way to hit the reset button to set you, and your day, up for less stress, more joy.

While you’re still lying in bed, maybe even with your eyes still closed:

1. Decide.

What kind of day do you want to have? It sounds simplistic but it works. Try it. Everything starts with a decision. "Today is going to be a really good day." "No matter what happens, I'm going to make this a good day!"

2. Take three deep breaths and ask yourself “What am I grateful for?

Think of three things.

And don’t just let them flit over your consciousness on the way to all the stuff you’re stressing out over. Really savor those three things. With all the turmoil in the world, when was the last time you felt truly grateful for a solid roof over your head? For climate control to keep you comfortable? For indoor plumbing?

3. How do you want to BE today?

Think about the day ahead and ask yourself, “How do I need to show up today?”

Do you need to be more courageous? More present? More giving? More determined? More playful? More gentle with yourself?

Looking ahead and anticipating how you want the day to be, and how you want you to be, makes it easier to show up that way.

Okay, feeling a little better?

Now get up, stretch, move, have your coffee, walk the dog- whatever your morning happiness routine is- before you check the news and social media. I know, I know. I hear that choking sound! Just try it a few times and see how it works for you.

Each day is a once in a life time opportunity.

And you are the leader of each and every day of your life.

No matter what events or curveballs the day may throw at you, you get to decide how you feel about this day.

Happiness is a constant decision. On any day, at any moment, you can Decide.

With so much love,


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