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Just Do YOU. Decide Happy Launches!

If you google “How to launch a book,” 7,450,867,433 posts will come up.

Okay, I didn’t exactly count, but it sure feels that way when you’re actually launching a book. Countless posts, blogs, and videos blast about how it’s imperative to post twice daily on every social media platform from Instagram to Twitter to Tik Tok, start a YouTube channel, solicit reviews from every distribution outlet….and that’s just week #1.

It’s overwhelming. And, for me, it felt a little, well, icky.

So, after listening to me spin about the staggering complexity of a “successful” book launch, a Very Wise Friend looked me in the eye and said, “Susan, just do YOU.”

Just do you.

I took a breath and took that in. Later that day, I sat down at my computer and wrote:

What will make Decide Happy successful for me?

The answer came immediately:

I am having a blast and making a positive difference in the world.

Well, when I look at it that way, it’s hard to fail, isn’t it? And that doesn’t feel icky at all. In fact, it feels wonderful.

I believe that when our intent is pure, when we are our true, authentic, courageous, giving, kind-hearted selves, the world rises up to meet us. Decide Happy is the very best of what I’ve learned about training my brain to navigate stressful times with grace, and my sanity and sense of humor intact. Once I mustered up the courage to “do me” and share the best and worst of my story - with the intent to help others and actually DO the stuff I KNOW to do, the writing just flowed.

So, my friends, I am thrilled to announce that Decide Happy is officially REAL. Like a new little soul in the world, something wonderful out of nothing. Perhaps this launch is short on slick, but it’s long on heart. And it's me.

Be Brave. Be Real.

Just do YOU.


Decide Happy is now available wherever books are sold, including Amazon.

I know, right?! It’s pinch-me exciting and a little surreal!

If you’d like a copy signed by the author, that’s me.Woohoo!! -

click here.

Know someone who could use a lift? Feel free to share!

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Carl Eidson
Carl Eidson
Oct 08, 2022

This book inspires me to to be more decisive and purposeful in how I spend my time and who I spend it with. Even though, I'm only half way through the book, it has already led me to new levels of professional and personal happiness. Thanks Susan! 😄

Replying to

I'm so glad you are enjoying it Carl! It was wonderful to catch up with you again recently. Keep deciding....


Scott Oster
Scott Oster
Sep 01, 2022

Yes please, do you and share it with the world!!

Replying to

Hello Scott- thank you so much or your kind words. I'm having so much fun with this. I hope you enjoy the book. See you in the sunshine! Susan


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