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Live with less stress and more joy.

Through speaking engagements, webinars, workshops, corporate retreats, coaching, and her beloved book Decide Happy, Susan has positively impacted thousands of lives with her inspirational story, “battle-tested” life lessons, and practical tools that you can use immediately, no matter what may be freaking you out or dimming your joy. How can she help you?

"My mission is to inspire others to see new possibilities, decide and take action to make their lives extraordinary." 

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Tammy Way,
Event Leader, WISE Women

Phenomenal!Our group walked away from Susan's keynote feeling connected, unstoppable, and reinvigorated! It was a tough room, full of accomplished, educated scientists. Susan disarmed them with her deeply personal, yet universal, experiences, managed to get them to drop their skepticism, and celebrate themselves! We came away with practical plans, eager to put those tools into use in our

"real lives.”


Carl Eidson,
Vice President,
Wilson Learning Worldwide

You're in for a treat!


Beth DiPaolo,
Global Head, Eurofins PSS
Insourcing Solutions

Susan spoke to our global team at our recent Leadership Summit. She did an amazing job! The tools and tips she shared had a positive impact on everyone.  And everyone loved it!

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